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The offer of securities in Quares Retail Fund 2 Company Limited by Shares does not fall within the scope of the Act of 16 June 2006 on public offers of investment instruments and admission of investment instruments to trading on a regulated market (the ‘Prospectuswet’) or under the relevant provisions of the Act of 20 July 2004 on certain forms of collective management of investment portfolios (‘ICB-wet’). After all, the minimum participation per investor exceeds 50,000 euros and therefore such an offer does not qualify as a ‘public offer’ within the meaning of the aforementioned legislation.

This website has therefore not been submitted for approval to the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority).

The provision of information on this website may, in certain jurisdictions, be subject to legal restrictions. Quares Retail Fund 2 requests everyone to take note of and to abide by the aforementioned restrictions. Quares Retail Fund 2 accepts no legal liability for any breach of any such restriction by anyone at all.

In preparing this website and the information on this website, Quares Retail Fund 2 has used various sources which, in the opinion of Quares Retail Fund 2 were of sufficient quality. However, this does not exclude the possibility that, despite the fact that Quares Retail Fund 2 has – as far as possible – exercised the necessary care to satisfy itself of the accuracy and completeness of the consulted sources, one or more sources of information may be incorrect and/or incomplete and there may be sources of information with a divergent opinion.

Potential holders of securities may not derive any rights from this website; it is only the content of the information memorandum which is binding. This website is a summary and must therefore not be considered as complete. Investment decisions about this product should not be based on the information in this brochure, but only on information from the information memorandum.

Only the Belgian courts are competent in respect of disputes relating to this website.

The value of your investment may fluctuate. Returns obtained in the past offer no guarantee for the future. In addition to historical values, returns in this website may be based on assumptions that are subject to change, or arise from models that do not necessarily reflect reality.

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